1. Taming Python

    .. reverse engineering the web, and breaking captcha .. for fun and profit

    While working on a not-so-proud-to-mention personal project some time back, in order to create a [mostly] autonomous website, I chose python as my server side scripting language of choice. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised that I fell in love with the language.

    I crawled and data mined targeted websites with ease by impersonating a browser via mechanize and urllib; “reverse engineering” them using FireBug and HttpFox; and breaking their [not so sophisticated] captcha with ImageMagick and Tesseract OCR.

    I actually enjoyed deploying LAMP stack and postfix/dovecot on my free Amazon EC2. I even tinkered with WordPress [php] source code. It’s such a shame that I utterly-do-not-care-to-waste-my-time-at-all on the graphic design/aesthetics, otherwise I would’ve made an awesome-super-cool-trendy-edgy-macbook-pro-using web 2.0 developer. [Instead I hack away at OS and Hypervisor code for living.]